White + Warren – A Staple Needed in Every Woman’s Closet

White + Warren Travel Wrap & Modern Day Knit Wear

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White + Warren is casual luxury at its best! They focus on modern day knitwear from head to toe. They are a good balance between classic and contemporary, always pushing the envelope in the style department.

White + Warren has a strong presence in the world of cashmere. They combine vibrant colors and quality with cutting edge design. They are known for their signature piece, The Travel Wrap. These oversized cashmere wraps come in every color of the rainbow and can be transformed into a scarf, a blanket or a dramatic wrap. This is a staple needed in every woman’s closet.

White + Warren is also known for their wonderful neutral layering pieces. They are formed in soft modal cotton with an array of different necklines. These are great for layering in all climates, especially ours. They also carry leggings in black, navy and charcoal. They consist of thick cotton ponte with elastic panels at the waist for comfort. If you do not have these pieces in your closet, they need to be added!

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White and Warren Travel Wrap

White and Warren in Houston TX

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