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Introducing Home Goods by Stinson Studios!

Stinson Studios Home Goods at Linda Cunningham Boutique

Stinson Studios has been a family operated business located in rural Ontario, Canada since 1982. Woodworking functions as their medium to communicate elements of their relationship with nature. Each finished piece represents a unique balance between the human desire to impose our will on nature and the individual character of the material. A successful balance breathes life into the final form.

Stinson Studios HoustonEach piece begins with the selection of Eastern Canadian woods. Logs are culled from sustainable wood lots, farmer’s wood piles and harvested from the family farm. Favoured varieties include maple, birch, oak and ash.

Tree trunks are roughed into blocks with a chainsaw, turned on a heavy-duty lathe or gouged and carved by hand.

At Stinson, they feel an affinity for the raw irregular growths of burls. Each burl, during its growth on the surface of a tree, is subject to a combination of unpredictable forces creating a singularly unique raw shape. When sculpting the wood, they react to the individual piece to reveal the form already inherent in the wood. Sculptural burls are a taste of wilderness in an urban environment.

The pieces from Stinson Studios are food-safe and ready for use with a wide variety of foods. The pieces are also beautiful to display on their own. Each piece is hand-buffed with a finish of vegetable oil and beeswax.

We are proud to offer these unique burls and serving pieces at Linda Cunningham. Stop in today and see the beauty of each unique creation to add to your home or to offer as a gift.