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In2Green is a team of women who formed their ideas in 2008 and has since branched out into a company sold all across America. Their vision is simple: live a greener lifestyle. In2Green collaborates with other knitters and designers and uses recycled and organic materials in order to reduce waste and conserve energy and other natural resources.

We offer several of In2Green’s throws at Linda Cunningham. Each throw, made with 75% recycled cotton and 25% (mostly recycled) polyester, is fade resistant and quick drying. Come in today and see what you could add to your home! Visit Website

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Nawal Gebreel

Nawal Gebreel is a textile designer who draws inspiration from geometric shapes and paper folding and also incorporates her own creative interpretations of art into her designs. Nawal employs multiple techniques to create her work. These techniques include fabric manipulation, hand-pleating, and screen printing. Her designs are sold in Europe, America, Japan, and to designers and galleries around the world. Visit Website

Bindya Lulla

Bindya Lulla is a designer known for her patterns and colors. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and launched her brand, Bindya New York, in 2000. Bindya gets her inspiration from her international travels and she is always looking for the next big trend. Visit Website


Me&Kashmiere is an international company whose vision is to bring vibrant colors and natural fibers together to make fabrics fitting for all four seasons. Me&Kashmiere seeks to combine centuries old hand-weaving techniques with modern styles on today’s textiles. Their designs are sold in 30 countries around the world and are handmade in India. Linda Cunningham’s has a variety of styles to suit each individual’s taste. Visit Website

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