Hale Bob women's clothing store Jacksonville FL and Houston Texas

Hale Bob’s New Resort-Inspired Women’s Clothing Line

Hale Bob Women’s Clothing Store in Jacksonville

This week at Linda Cunningham, we are featuring Hale Bob. A unique, resort-inspired line that is a must-have for spring and summer. Hale Bob is all about making today’s modern woman feel relaxed, fresh and exotic. With the busy lifestyle of most women today, it’s often difficult to remember to stop and smell the roses. The distinctive patterns and flowing fabrics of this Hale Bob line will transport you to a tropical island.
Hale Bob women's clothing in Jacksonville FL and Houston TX

Hale Bob Was Created by Daniel Bohbot

Hale Bob was created in Paris by Daniel Bohbot. He fell in love with the eclectic style that permeates the city of love, and used aspects of its art, music and film to personally curate his iconic brand, a scintillating combination of pop culture and couture. The place to launch it was Los Angeles, the epicenter of American trendsetting. Many of the world’s most beautiful tastemakers are big Hale Bob fans, including Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Amal Clooney, Carrie Underwood, and more. All of these gorgeous A-listers have recently been seen sporting Hale Bob, their sensational curves flawlessly draped in the soft, flowing style and eye-catching patterns that have become the trademark of this truly unique brand.

Hale Bob is found in the finest stores and boutiques both internationally and right here at home. It has transformed itself from a modest line to a powerhouse symbol of west-coast contemporary style, and anyone familiar with the brand will recognize it immediately, as there is nothing else quite like it found in the world. The branding has been hugely successful, with appearances in music videos, movies and the hottest TV shows.

To make sure he is never churning out stale fashions, Bohbot embarks on a worldwide tour twice per year, keeping a careful eye on the latest fashions and coming up with ways to blend his own recipe for sophistication with whatever is lighting up the runways.

The newest line from this exciting designer revolves around the resort feel, with breezy dresses and chic blouses that are sure to catch the eye of everyone around you as you stroll along the shoreline, have lunch with the girls, or have a night on the town.

“At Hale Bob, we create clothing that sets women apart from the crowd,” says Bohbot. “Our collections are unique and our prints are developed in our studio and are exclusive to Hale Bob. Most of our garments are made from 100% silk. Silk is a natural fiber that keeps a woman warm in the winter and cool in the summer, captures the essence of femininity and creates a transformation whenever she wears it. Our priority is to make a woman feel beautiful, comfortable and confident.”

Stop into one of our boutiques, located in Jacksonville and Houston, and take the plunge into the colorful, wonderful world of Hale Bob.