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Please join us at Linda Cunningham Tuesday November 17th through Saturday November 21st for a Drema Farmer trunk show.

Buy Drema Farmer Jewelry in Jacksonville FLDrema Farmer is an independent jewelry designer based out of Jacksonville, Fl. She handcrafts each piece with focus on technique and uniqueness. Drema was first inspired by designer Wendy Brigode who designed the “Tin Cup” necklace worn in the movie by Rene Russo. She realized that you can combine two traditional pieces and make a non-traditional work of art.

Starting by making gifts for friends, she soon moved on to home shows and then to designer boutiques. Currently she uses a lot of cord and leather mixed with natural and semi-precious stones. Her jewelry includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are personally handcrafted to reflect today’s latest trends. Her designs can be found in boutiques throughout Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

The ever changing trends keep her busy and inspired. She loves that a piece of jewelry can enhance your style and give you an added personality boost. She hopes that her jewelry encourages us to push forward and take chances.

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